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Mind-Money Connection

The problem

We all pay to live (In one way or another). As money functions in all dimensions of our lives; personal, social and professional, it impacts our wellbeing and sense of place in the world. Behaviours like navigating uncertainty, decision-making. Impulse control is really difficult in our modern world of immediate gratification and transitive desire.  

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The Science 

Navigating uncertainty, decision-making, and impulse control are some of the fundamental brain functions that we use to navigate the world. Including how we behave around money. And while modern economic theories assume we make decisions as rational beings, these same theories miss out on a myriad of other factors at play. 

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  Mindfulness Spending

Cultivating better capacities to regulate our actions which lead to unhelpful spending behaviour and financial stress is critical. Financial wellness and mental health are self-feedbacking loops. The positive effects in one will reverberate into the other.