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If doesn't make sense to you. Rest assured. It doesn't to me either.

A peek into my ADHD brain

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I wish I could be an artist. I wish I could paint the Universe.
“Lantern consciousness”. Immersing as opposed to observing. Integrating the chaotic billions of stimuli around us. Blending neural patterns. Creating models of reality and models of possible alternate realities. Space. Each and everyone of our 7 billion billion billion atoms communicate not only with each other but also with the outer space atoms. Every atom in this galaxy is interconnected. Inter dimensional. Interstellar.
Birds are still singing. So should we?
Life is beautiful. The world is magic. It still is, somehow. Coronavirus is just the pin popping the bubbles. All the bubbles. The human one. The economic one. The environmental one. Boom. Boom. Boom. Rainbow. Sparkles. Wait, this is just dust. So, what’s next? Who’s next? Who’s gonna create what’s next? Drumroll.
An entrepreneur sailing through the storm
People usually refer to me as their “sunshine”. Well, sunshine is made of fire. And this fire is made of blood. I am made of fire and blood. This is my purpose. It’s beyond just a passion. It’s beyond that. It is an unexplainable feeling. A feeling that is keeping me alive. But sometimes I wonder. I wonder, am I crazy? Am I insane? Can I really move things around? Can I have an impact? Will I be the person to shift the narrative? Who am I to do that? Did Elon, Bill or Steve feel the same? I am only human. They are also only humans. Sometimes, being human is enough.
Nice to meet you. A peek into my ADHD brain.
My brain never stops. It is a constant rave with rainbow lights, about 10,000 people dancing, others jumping out of airplanes while playing Mario Kart on flying televisions with Ben Clock playing in the background. Wtf? Yeah Wtf. I love raves. But certainly not this kind. Burning man, Elon Musk, rockets.
Let's make an extraordinary impact together.
If you care as much as we do and if this is a mission that resonates with you, please reach out to us. Even if it's to say Hello. We see you. Help us, help you. Help us, help your children. Get in touch. Let's build a better future for Neurodiversity together.