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About Us

Who cares about the how, the where and why? Tell me what’s underneath.


Tell me what’s behind it. The heart of it. The reality of it. The raw, authentic, crude version. Otherwise, isn’t it all just the same?


Neurodiversity has always played a big part in my life. My brother is Autistic - I always knew it. I have ADHD - I recently discovered it. And whether recent or not, it has always been there and that had an impact. 


I have always felt different, out of place. The world always felt and still feels like a maze, a game, a simulation. Everyone else knows the rules, I don’t. What rules? - Sounds familiar? Welcome home. 


Neurodiverse brains are special. Mine is. If you are reading this, yours might probably be as well. We are different. Special. Is it fair to say?


Our brains are often misunderstood. I see mine as full of colours that uniquely blend and create a beautiful rainbow dancing inside my mind. That’s the good part. The bad part is that very often the mundane things everyone else takes for granted can feel extra hard.


So, back to that game. What rules, you say?


 “How come everybody knows these things and I don’t? What’s wrong with me?” Well, nothing is wrong with you. The reason behind the stress and worries is someone telling you that what you are doing is wrong simply because it’s not following the norm. And, just because someone said so, it doesn’t mean it’s the truth. It doesn’t mean you should feel bad for it. Nothing in this world is normal. You make your own rules, you create your own safe space and you make it work for you. 


The same goes for your finances. 


The reason why you might be struggling to manage your money is because of these very same rules. Confusing. Complex. Continuously changing. Ugh. But it’s not only that. There is more. The norms. Again. Being told that there are things you can or you cannot do. “Don’t spend too much on books or you’ll never be able to buy a house”. Seems like the old avocado toast story doesn’t it? I am passionate about books, I can’t help it. Actually, you can help it but here’s the problem; your emotional dysregulation and impulsive/compulsive behaviours are probably stopping you from it. 


Emotional and impulsive spending. 


Impulsive or emotional spending can have an impact on anyone. For neurodiverse brains, these behaviours are often exaggerated. Yup, unlike what people might think, it’s not being immature or irresponsible, it’s medical. 


At Neuros we believe you can have it all. And that’s exactly what we are going to help you with. We believe you don’t need to fit into a constructed model nor restrict yourself to the point of ultimate frustration. We believe that you can both live your life and fulfil your heart, your mind, your long term goals AND your wallet - all simultaneously. Our secret? Self-awareness and Mindful spending. 


So what is Mindful spending? 


Mindful spending is feeling good about what you're spending money on. It's about knowing what your goals and values are and making purchases in a way that aligns with them. It is about to stop feeling guilty whenever you make a purchase that you think you shouldn’t have made but you know you will do again anyway. 


It is aligning your spending with a purpose and stop wasting money. Once you understand the reasons behind your purchases, you take back control. You start saving more, you start paying back your debts and affording the things you love. Once you become more mindful about your spending, you can truly become independent. And that’s what Neuros is here for. 


At the end of the day, money matters are mind matters. Don’t let your money matter more than your mind matters ;) 

Soumaya Bhyer

Founder @ Neuros