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Neuros is not a business. Neuros is not a charity. Neuros is a mission.

My name is Soumaya. I have ADHD. I just discovered it. My brother is Autistic. That, I knew my whole life. We've been struggling. We still are. I want the world to care and adapt more for Autistic people and Neurodivergents. I want people to embrace their full potential, their superpowers. I believe in challenging the status quo. I believe in shifting the narrative around Neurodiversity and I believe in building a better future for our children. This is why I decided to start Neuros.

Autism is not a disability. At least it shouldn't be. ADHD is not a disability. At least it should't be. Neurodivergence is a difference in the brain's wiring. Our society makes it a disability. It shouldn't be. Public sectors often do not cater properly for our needs. We are often left-out and need to accommodate for ourselves. Banking is one of those sectors.

There is a misconception that people in the spectrum do not need much in terms of financial services because they usually do not earn much. False. Individuals in the spectrum need more in terms of financial services. The problem? No one is offering it to them. There are about 700,000 kids diagnosed with autism in the UK and 15% of the population is considered to be neurodivergent. Worldwide, there are about 1 billion individuals living with cognitive challenges. I like to call them superpowers.

Being financially independent is at heart of empowerment; and every individual should have the right to it. Technology is changing the world. At Neuros we are using it to empower and celebrate extraordinary brains. We think banking is the way to go. We do not have the exact solution yet. But we are working on it. With all our heart. Because we care. And we believe that we can make it happen. So, feel free to reach out to us. Let’s make a change together. For our parents, children, brothers, sisters, our friends and loved ones that find it difficult do it themselves. For all of them. For all of us. #WeareNeuros

Soumaya Bhyer, founder
Let's make an extraordinary impact together.
If you care as much as we do and if this is a mission that resonates with you, please reach out to us. Even if it's to say Hello. We see you. Help us, help you. Help us, help your children. Get in touch. Let's build a better future for Neurodiversity together.