Online therapy for people who think differently. 

Neuros provides therapy for neurodiverse people to succeed in life. Being different is what makes us who we are. Our specialised therapists and coaches, value and respect differences. We enable you to assemble the right care team which truly understands you and empowers you to reach your highest potential! 
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What our therapy can help with: 

"I need someone to stop me and remind me every so often and remind me of my goals and plans."
"Please do something related to eating disorders! I’d love to see features that positively reinforce healthy relationships with food and stress relief!"
"Finding a therapist that understands me and my Autism/ADHD is sooo important. I have tried therapy many times and couldn’t find anyone that could really relate to me"
"I am very concerned about getting an assessment and diagnosis. Im afraid they won’t take me seriously because I don’t look “autistic” enough. People really don’t understand what autism is."
"Maybe it would keep track of the number of times I've snoozed a reminder, or rescheduled a task."

How it works

Assemble and connect with your care team

Choose from our neurodiversity specialized coaches, therapists and psychiatrists to begin your journey to self-actualization. 

Schedule live audio/video sessions

Chat with your coach daily, schedule weekly video sessions with your therapist and one-off sessions with your psychiatrist if needed. 

your progress

Set short and long term goals with your coach and track your progress in your personal dashboard. 

Being different is a superpower, unlock it. 

Neuros is your digital companion on the path to leading a fulfilling life. We offer streamlined life coaching and personalised therapy to help you adapt to the world around you and become effective as your true self, just as you are.

Personalised support system, anytime, anywhere. 

Mental health is important for neurodiversity, but is often not properly addressed. At Neuros we offer a comprehensive care from a team of specialist trainers, therapists and psychiatrists. Get access to the care you need from your phone, tablet or computer.

World class specialised coaches, therapists and psychiatrists only one click away: 

Get matched with specialists adapted to your needs and preferences. Our certified and licenced experts are highly specialized in neurodiversity and ready to provide the right care for you. 


What is Neuros? 

Neuros is the world’s first specialised online therapy platform for neurodiverse people. 

How does it work? 

Neuros is a subscription service where you can chat via text, audio or video messages with your coach daily, schedule regular video sessions with your therapists and one-off sessions with your psychiatrist as needed. 

Who are the specialists? 

We are currently recruiting coaches, therapists and psychiatrists specialising in neurodiversity. If you are interested, please contact us at and we will be in touch. 

When will the Neuros app be available? 

Watch this space, you will hear from us very soon ;) 

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